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The National Fire Protection Association has been in existence for more than 20 years and the code books for water-based sprinkler system designers follow these guidelines. All states have adopted these code books for as long as they have been available. There have been several revisions to the code books since its first issue and a new and updated version is published every 2 years. The code book that the state of New Jersey currently follows is NFPA 2013 edition.

The fire sprinkler industry has two governing bodies that we follow:
• The Local Authority Having Jurisdiction (Towns Fire Sub-Code Official)
• The Department Of Community Affairs (DCA)

Fire Sprinkler Design

Four Winds Consulting Group follows the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for water-based sprinkler system design guidelines.

There are different standards to follow as to the type of building you have to design, such as:

• Office Buildings Designed as per NFPA #13
• Residential Buildings Designed as per NFPA #13-R
• Warehouses Designed as per NFPA #13-Storage

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Associated Companies with the Demand for Sprinkler Design Work:

Architectural Firms | Engineering Firms | General Contracting Companies | Plumbing Companies | Sprinkler Installation Companies

We have provided full-design services for these companies and locations:

• Cube Smart Storage in Bronx, New York, in 2015
• New Jersey Turnpike Authority, Post 81, Southbound Maintenance
• Armament Research Development & Engineering Center Building #
  813 in New Jersey

• Picatinny Arsenal in Picatinny, New Jersey, in 2015
• Littleton School in Newark, New Jersey, in 2015
• Grand Street Storage in New Jersey
• Montclaire University in New Jersey, Partridge Building in 2016
• Dunn and Brad Street in Short Hills, New Jersey, in 2015
• Shaull Elementary School in Pennsylvania